Servicing Sydney Eastern Suburbs
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1. Do you have to be a certain age to receive this service?

Not at all, Edna & Wilfred can provide this service to people of all ages although the majority of our clients are older people.

2. What if our needs change after we have started to receive care from you?

We regularly assess and update any changes to our client’s care needs and implement these changes into our care plans. We will liaise with your family and primary care provider to inform them of any changes.

3. Do you provide both short term and long term care?

Yes, we do. The duration of your care is determined by you the client.

4. Do we need a referral to access your services?

No, all that is required is a phone call or email to our Registered Nurses Gabi and Renee. Phone 93449170 or email

5. How will you know what care I require?

At Edna & Wilfred, a Registered Nurse will come to your home and complete an initial assessment to establish the care and social support you require. This information will be used to develop a care plan which will be designed in conjunction with you, tailoring it to best suit your personal needs and desires.

6. Do you have a cancellation Policy?

Yes we do, this information is covered in our Client Contracts.

“The improvement in mum was as sudden as it was dramatic… this wasn’t simply a product of the support and professionalism that Gabrielle provided, it had much to do with her kindness and thoughtfulness.”

“My mother is a good judge, and picked up very quickly on Gabrielle’s sincerity, and it was lovely to witness a bond forged between the two of them.”