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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers have a passion for caring for older people. They are all highly-trained and experienced in Aged Care, and each and every one of them uphold our company values.

At Edna & Wilfred we have a comprehensive recruitment and training structure which ensures our caregivers are of a very high standard.

We are aware that when you welcome a caregiver into your home, it’s important they are reliable, kind-hearted and honest.

At Edna and Wilfred we aim to make sure our caregivers uphold our company values of Care & Compassion; Dignity & Respect; Honesty & Integrity; Humor & Positivity.

Our caregivers


At Edna & Wilfred, all employees undergo an employment screening process involving previous employment reference checks, a police check and they also require a working with children check. We ensure our caregivers are of a high standard before sending them into your home.

All Edna & Wilfred eare insured by our company for public liability, workers compensation and professional indemnity.

Our experience

We are committed to providing our clients the best in-home care and ensure that all of our staff are trained in Aged Care with the relevant experience to undertake the role. We ensure that our staff are competent,reliable and trustworthy.

We are aware that it is important to have the right Carer suited to you or your loved one’s needs. We will assess your personal requirements and strive to design your care with a carer that best suits you. We strive to ensure consistency with our carers as we are aware rapport and continuity of personal interactions are important; enabling an effective and trusting relationship to develop.

We will make contact with you shortly after your service has commenced to receive your feedback.